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"You taught us how to better communicate and to work together on our relationship. Going into therapy, we loved..."


"You have helped me tremendously with my confidence/self-esteem issues.  I’ve learned where things stemmed from and overcame my difficulties.  I had lost who I was, but now I’m back thanks to help from you!"


Providing Interpersonal Solutions for Individuals & Couples . We Can Help You Achieve The Relationship(s) You've Always Wanted . Together, we figure out ways to change and maintain change in yourself and in your relationship(s), that you've wanted for a while.
we can help what we do

When is Couples Therapy a good option?
Are You Having The Same Fight(s) Over And Over Again With Your Partner?
Are You Wondering Why?
Do You Feel You Are Not On The Same Page...That He/She Does Not Understand You?
Would You Like To Have Better Communication And Conflict Resolution Skills?

Learn the tools that work!
Interpersonal Marriage & Family Therapy, P.C. specializes in Individual and Couple's Therapy. With Individual and Couple's Therapy, we help clients: get to the heart of the problem, feel heard/understood, learn how to get their needs met and learn effective communication and conflict resolution skills.


Create Peace in your life
Let go of the past and move towards the future
Achieve your goals
Create loving, supportive relationships
Figure out who you are and become who you want to be
Feel better about yourself
Balance your personal, family, social and professional lives

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*Accepted Insurances: Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna and Beacon Community Plans, i.e., GHI, Emblem




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